Frédéric BEGOT

CHAUX (90330) France


- 4 years Product Support Engineering on CFM56 engines (SNECMA)
- 4 years Head of Marketing & External Communication (European Gas Turbines, ALSTOM)
- 2 years e-business leader in GE Energy products Europe
- 2 years e-Purchasing leader in ALSTOM Power
- 4 years Director, Sourcing in ALSTOM Power Turbomachinery
- 2 years Director, Central Planning & Costing at ALSTOM Power Turbomachines
- 3 years Director, Information Systems at ALSTOM Thermal Power
- 2 years Director, Strategic Sourcing at ALSTOM Thermal Power

Specialties: Marketing, Sourcing and Supply Chain, e-business, Planning, Tendering, Manufacturing, Information Systems, Turbomachinery, Change Management, Cross-Functional Team Leadership

Expériences professionnelles

Director, strategic sourcing


De Septembre 2012 à Aujourd'hui

Key Accomplishments:
• Established Thermal Power’s Make or Buy decision process and methodology,
• Drove decisions for Make or Buy of over 100 M€/yr worth of activity,
• Drove strategy delivery and action plan review for over 30 cross-businesses Commodities (1.5 B€ yearly spend), contributing to a total of 182 M€ savings in 2013/14
• Trained and coached over 100 Commodity and Supply Chain Managers ALSTOM-wide to CVA Commodity Strategy methodology,
• Designed and delivered Commodity Strategy for Top Managers training programme,
• Ensured the definition of target supplier panels for all Commodities and established Supplier reduction plan (-26% achieved in 2013/14),
• Launched Supplier Relationship Management Programme, covering to date 60 Suppliers, organised first Supplier Day, implemented yearly surveys,
• Delivered systematic Competitors Sourcing Analysis for China and the US.

Key Responsibilities:
• Manage Make or Buy decisions for the Thermal Power Sector,
• Commodity Management for Thermal Power,
• Drive the Supplier Relationship Management Programme for Thermal Power,
• Train ALSTOM-wide Commodity Managers for Commodity Strategy establishment,
• Deliver Supply Market Intelligence.
• Since April 2014, manage ad-interim the Thermal Power Supply Chain Office in charge of Supply Chain and Supplier KPIs, processes harmonization, and Maturity Assessment and Roadmap

Director, information systems


De Mars 2009 à Septembre 2012

Key Accomplishments:
• Led Information Systems for Thermal Products and then Thermal Power for over 8 M€ of centrally managed projects,
• Built-up new worldwide organisations to govern and manage functional domains application portfolio rationalisation and standardisation, key applications governance, key applications integration programme and Enterprise Architecture establishment,
• Established and led legacy ERP centralisation and decommissioning worldwide,
• Designed and executed project to standardize engineering software for over 1700 users,
• Deployed one single Document Management System for Thermal Power Sector,
• Established usage of systematic Information System Project Management methodology,
• Delivered over 50 Information Systems security healthchecks worldwide.

Key Responsibilities:
• Lead the rationalisation of Information Systems applications, as well as harmonisation programmes,
• Lead operational service contract establishment, roadmap definition and implementation for Sector Key Applications and their integration programmes through cross-business and cross functional governance bodies,
• Manage Enterprise Architecture, Integration programmes and Master Data Management,
• Define standards for Information Systems project management, project approval, software application selection and Information Systems

Director, central planning & costing


De Juin 2007 à Mars 2009

Key Accomplishments:
• Successfully designed and established a new capacity booking concept ensuring full Operation & Supply Chain commitment on delivery date and cost,
• Developed price lists for faster tendering cycle,
• Established capacity check tools in order to increase speed and reliability of load allocations for the Product Lines,
• Established permanent and structured Sales & Operations Planning with Product Lines.
Key Responsibilities
• Establish policies and processes for tendering, Sales & Operations Planning and capacity freezing for Turbomachines group,
• Lead coordinated load allocation across the 10 factories of Turbomachines group industrial network,
• Lead comparable and reliable tendering from Turbomachines group Operation & Supply Chain to the Businesses,
• Deliver input for the complete Operation & Supply Chain three-year plan.

Director, sourcing


De Mars 2003 à Juin 2007

Key Accomplishments:
• Set up the first Turbomachines group’s central sourcing worldwide organisation, initially for a set of Key Commodities (750 M€) and then for the whole purchasing portfolio (1.5 B€),
• Defined and implemented sourcing action plans including lead competitive country development, policies and directives for sourcing responsibilities, supplier and product qualification, initiated redesign to cost actions,
• Renegotiated ALSTOM’s power supply contract at European level (24 sites),
• Systematically renegotiated the contracts in place with the outsourced subcontractors providing services to the ALSTOM Belfort site,
• Participated in establishing Industrial strategies for the Turbomachines group for blades and nuclear power,
• Full analysis of heat-exchangers supply chain issues and action plan delivered.

Key Responsibilities:
• Lead the Business worldwide sourcing organisation to deliver Business-wide valid target panels and contractual frame for Key Commodities,
• Define policies for Sourcing processes, supplier and product qualification, supplier monitoring,
• Ensure cross-units collaboration for sourcing,

E-purchasing manager


De Septembre 2001 à Février 2003

Key Accomplishments:
• Led tool selection, customisation and deployment for e-Purchasing for the whole Turbomachinery Segment,
• e-RFx on all Key Commodities and e-Auctions on selected ones,
• Participated in design and implementation of the purchasing process,
• Led tool selection and deployment for e-Procurement for ALSTOM Power in France.

E-business & digitisation leader


De Novembre 1999 à Août 2001

Key Accomplishments:
• Participated in elaboration of GE Power Systems global e-business tools (Sell, Make, Buy, Digitisation and Portal) and deployed them for GE EPE,
• Led and delivered administrative processes digitisation under 6 Sigma methodology
• Certified 6 Sigma green belt

Head of marketing & external communications


De Septembre 1995 à Novembre 1999

Key Accomplishments:
• Established and implemented market studies, market analysis and commercial action plans,
• Designed and implemented the Marketing Intelligence information system. Defined research targets, wrote and communicated competitors and competitors’ products analysis, with Engineering and Commercial departments,
• Participated to design and management of product policies,
• Prepared brochures and presentations for the Customers, prepared and supported elaboration of technical articles for the Trade Press.

Cfm56 product support engineer


De Février 1992 à Août 1995

Key Accomplishments:
• Managed successfully the Life Limited Part extension programme, with no unplanned engine maintenance nor aircraft grounding in daily collaboration with GE Aircraft Engines,
• Managed technical programmes for all Air Forces using CFM56 engines.

Technical innovations & cost reduction


De Février 1991 à Février 1992

Key Accomplishments:
• Designed and deployed of the Cost Reduction Dashboard,
• Managed Value Analysis Groups.

Formation complémentaire

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Ecole centrale de Lille

1987 à 1990

Parcours officiels

ECLille – Aménagement – 1990