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Pierre-Hadrien ARNOUX

Resume Pierre-Hadrien Arnoux


I am an Electrical Engineer from Columbia University and I am very into data analysis and especially Machine Learning. Through my experiences, I found out that in a lot of businesses, the chances of hitting the targets are linked to the ability of the company to analyses efficiently large sets of data. With the right combination of Bayesian statistics, optimization techniques and ingenious Machine Learning algorithms, you can start tackling Big Data and get to the core of the behavior of your users.

On top of these skills, I am also very found of web and app development. With a good experience in UI/UX and a proper knowledge of the multiple cloud services available, the projects I find the most exciting are definitely the ones that are combining seamless user experience with hardcore Machine Learning techniques that get the user oblivious of the difficulty of the task.

Expériences professionnelles

Advisory software engineer


De Mars 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Watson, team Personality Insights.

Watson cognitive software engineer

IBM , San jose - CDI

De Janvier 2015 à Février 2016

• Research in Machine Learning.
• Research on user modeling.

Research intern


De Juin 2014 à Décembre 2014

Research intern on the ThinkLab project at the Watson research center.

• Imagined an immerse experience for the clients of the ThinkLab.
• Developed the mobile experience by creating a companion web app.
• Front end development in JS,CSS, Java and HTML and back end development using play framework.
• Integration of live machine learning algorithms to learn the users interests on the fly and build a recommendation system.
• Used data visualization D3.js to create an interactive way of visualizing the data and sharing content.
• Used iBeacons technology to create a spatial context for the users and personalize their experience.

(4 patents filled and pending)

Research intern


De Avril 2013 à Août 2013

Research intern in the Electrics, Electronics, Electromechanics and Automatics Modeling and Simulation Department.

Create an innovative way of coupling heavy computing models with light analytic ones in a big optimization process to gain accuracy and minimize phenomena such as torque fluctuations in an electric powertrain.

• Developed a bridge between Matlab and the software Ansoft Maxwell to control a 100% parameterizable asynchronous motor finite element model from an optimization loop.
• Integrated a finite element model in an analytical geometrical optimization loop.
• Developed a method to model highly non-continuous finite element constraints using Machine Learning, Random Forests and Space Mapping technics. Divided the calculation cost by 4 with an 8% error rate on the constraint map and 0.4% on the optimum.

(Scientific paper published at the 2014 Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation)

Team manager


De Décembre 2011 à Juin 2012

Run and streamline the Civil and Military Award Departement.

• Managed a 3 person team in the program for awarding World War II US veterans with the French Legion of Honor medal.
• Designed 3 databases and 2 VBA software in order to automate and systematize the processes.
• Organized 10 public events in relationship with Floridan veteran organizations and the cities of Miami FL, Jacksonville FL, Boynton Beach FL and Tampa FL.



De Mai 2011 à Décembre 2011

Intern at the building company NORPAC, subsidiary of Bouygues Construction

Design a system to monitor and analyze real-life energy consumption in social housings.

• Engineered and set up a 100 sensors Building Monitoring System.
• Prepared the building site to the implementation of the system.
• Calculated the costs of the architectural interior works of the Hight Court of Paris Project.
• Benchmarked financial subventions for Eco-friendly renovations.

Project manager


De Novembre 2009 à Mai 2011

Create a robot to compete to the European Robot Competition Eurobot.

• Spearheaded the 7 person team of the E=M6 project: Conceive and carry out a robot to compete to the European robotic competition Eurobot (
• Sized the electronic and electro-mechanic components of the robot by studying the use of each part of the robot.
• Designed and manufactured H-bridges electronic cards to control propulsion DC motors.
• Designed and manufactured the enslavement PIC cards to automate the DC motors with PID correctors.
• Designed and manufactured stable alimentation cards to supply the robot with a stable 5V and 12V alimentation regardless of the level of the battery.
• Implemented combined Ultrasonic and Infrared Sensors to enhance the range measurement.
• Designed and wrote the code of the master control algorithm in C# on the embedded computer

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Formations complémentaires

Master of Science (M.S.)

Columbia University in the City of New York - Electrical engineering

2013 à 2014

Master of Science Degree

Ecole centrale de Lille - Mechanical Engineering, Electromagnetic conversion and Electric Vehicles

2009 à 2013

Courses: Electromechanical conversion and speed variation, Theory of electronic energy conversions, Power electronics, Power electronics for embedded systems, Electronic systems, Control systems, Automation, Industrial electronics, Digital/Analogic converters, Digital electronic command for energy converters, Electric motors design and modeling, Method for electric motors optimization, Optimal conception for electric powertrains, Structural mechanics, Systems design and sizing.

Classes Préparatoires

lycée G. Eiffel

2006 à 2009

Advanced undergraduate education in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering.

Parcours officiels

ECLille – Énergie électrique et développement durable – 2013