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I want to work on innovative and technological oriented projects. I rely on my open mind in engineering and on my learning skills to adapt to your specific project.

As a Double Degree student at Keio University, (Yokohama, Japan), I studied as a Master Student in the laboratory Itoh Group : "Semiconductor Isotope Engineering". This Double Degree was made possible by the agreement between Keio University and my former Engineering School Ecole Centrale de Lille in France.

In Keio University my major is Nanoscience in semiconductors.
The Ecole Centrale de Lille formation is a foundation course in engineering. It fosters open mind and critical distance from problem resolutions. My stamping grounds are IT, automatics, electronics and mecanics.

Among my IT skills :
Experience of SAP : Knowledge of ABAP language, Firm modeling with UML language (MagicDraw, MEGA),
basics of C++, Java, Python, Html, PHP, Labview
Linux, Office productivity applications (Excel + macros, Word, Powerpoint, …), Mathematica, COMSOL, CATIA, OPERA

Expériences professionnelles

Tech lead

AXA EN FRANCE , Nanterre - CDI

De Octobre 2018 à Aujourd'hui

IT Transformation

System engineer


De Octobre 2015 à Janvier 2018

IT Transformation

Summer intern : dc evaluation of fets or diodes with ultra-thin high-k dielectric films


De Août 2014 à Août 2014

I - V and C - V characterization of several FET/Diodes structures in order to specify the most suited for a scaling of the oxide layer.
Involving :
Access to measurement equipment and application of the standards in a top semiconductor company
Analysis of data and presentation to specialists in the field
Work in an international environment

Assistant engineer internship: building of obsolete applications deletion tool and firm cartography


De Mai 2013 à Août 2013

I fulfilled two independant tasks:
1) Discriminate obsolete programs in a SAP system and suggest automation of this process without affecting the production system.
2) Map a specific part of an SAP system relying on objective parameters like volumetry and performances as a mean to conduct a cost evaluation or as a decision tool.

First contact with SAP ERP
ABAP Development :
- Obsolete Programs and Transactions Deletion
- Production System Cartography

Hotel and restaurant employee: international experience


De Juillet 2012 à Août 2012

Linguistic Internship in Japan
Tourist spot in the mountain : hotel and restaurant
Language skills and ability to work abroad
Lodging of children from several countries, notably a group with both Israeli and Palestinians (Peace Field Japan)

Observation internship: implementation of an erp in a small firm


De Janvier 2012 à Février 2012

First firm experience (about 200 employees)
Administration of flows and stocks
Implementation of an Information System

Summer job: waiter


De Juillet 2010 à Août 2010

Summer job
Customer contact in bar and restaurant.
Just-in-time management and equipment maintenance

Summer job: waiter


De Juillet 2009 à Août 2009

Summer job
Customer contact in bar and restaurant.
Just-in-time management and equipment maintenance

Formations complémentaires

Master's Degree

慶應義塾大学 - Nanosciences

2013 à 2015

Involved in, PLURIO : Plurilingual student organization, BEAT POPS : Musician circle organizing live concerts

I am a member of Itoh Group laboratory: "Semiconductor Isotope Engineering", where I study ways of implementing quantum computation in silicon semiconductor devices.

I hold the Japan Government (MEXT) scolarship for higher education institutions

Theorical knowledge: quantum physics, semi-conductors and Nuclear Magnetic Resonnance (NMR),
Design: Programming (Python and Labview), electronic design, Electromagnetic simulations (COMSOL),
Experimentations: (realization of an EDMR system - Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance, continuous and pulsed), doped silicon sample making, cryogenics, microwave and classical electrical engineering, low vaccum engineering

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Ecole Centrale Lille - General Engineering

2011 à 2013

Treasurer of the student association « Plug'in » which organizes live concerts and fits stages with sound systems,
Involvement in the student association « Rézoléo » which administrates student’s residence internet servers.

Foundation course in science and engineering based on the following topics : Applied Mathematics - general IT / Electrotechnical engineering - Electronics - Automatics / Mater Sciences / Mecanism, structures and fabric / Firm and Society.
This last topic especilly involved firm related gestion, economy, management and law.

Lycée Louis le Grand - Mathematics, physics, and information technology

2009 à 2011

Involved in algorythmic club

Intensive 2 years of undergraduate studies preparing for competitive entrance exam to French top rated Engineering College « Grandes Ecoles ».

Baccalauréat scientifique (equivalent to advanced levels)

Lycée Mariette - mathematics and physics

2006 à 2009

Mathematics and music options

French equivalent of highschool




Parcours officiels

ECLille – 2015


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Technique

Japonais - Courant

Espagnol - Notions


Office (VBA + macros, …), Mathematica, SAP, COMSOL, CATIA, OPERA (Electromagnetic design)
ABAP, UML (MagicDraw, MEGA), C++, Java, html, PHP, Labview, Python
Data science

Centres d'intérêt

  • Data
  • Problem Solving
  • Design
  • API
  • Node.js
  • Python